The Transformational Facilitation Process is a powerful life changing healing technique. Through this process we are able to take our awareness deep into the feelings of the body, where negative patterning is stored. Through working with the higher energy of our souls we are able to take the energy of truth, into these negative issues which are stored as stagnated and low vibrations. By taking our Soul’s energy into these places we can trigger a deep and profoundly cathartic release of emotions, blocked energies and devolutionary codes from within the DNA. We can clear these negative patterns which have resulted from experiences we have had in this lifetime, past lives and in other lives in other, places in the universe. This technique is unique in the fact it works deep inside the body and DNA, it brings about lasting changes which can affect us on all levels of our consciousness. This technique is powerful in its ability to clear this negative patterning but it is also an incredible integration tool. Once we have removed the negative patterning we have space for the high information to come in and integrate into the cells of our body. This high information enables us to have access to our soul records, memories and data. High vibrational data will enable you to bring yourself to a level of soul integration and DNA activation which will greatly project you further along your spiritual path. Soul integration is your mission upon the earth; you are here to integrate each soul aspect which resides on each of the dimensions of your multidimensional identity into the cells of your physical body. The result of which will be the raising of the vibration of both your body and consciousness and of the Earth itself.

The Transformational Process is a very remarkable, healing and empowering technique which has a far reaching effect. The way that this process differs from other healing techniques, is that it works deep inside the energetic counterpart of the human physical body. It is possible to work on any level with this process, whether that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All issues or problems have an energetic pattern which is situated in one of the many layers of the auric field, however is recognised as an uncomfortable feeling somewhere in the body. The body is very cooperative within the process and will guide your attention to the place in your body where the negative energetic patterning is stored. The patterns often contain emotional charge of a negative nature. Low vibrational emotions get trapped in the energetic body and can affect our life and even our physical form. Anger, sadness, fear etc. are very low vibrational emotional energies; the energy of your soul is a very high vibrational energy. By bringing the two energies into the same space at the same time, enables a process to be triggered whereby the high energies of the soul’s vibration, cancels out the low emotional states. Emotions are released and you are given the opportunity to insert into your energetic body, the high light information that comes from your Soul. The body is like a computer hard drive; once we have cleared many of the negative low vibrational programs, we have the space to insert the high vibrational data from Soul. This comes in upon an energy wave of Truth. Everyone’s truth is the same that is they are a magnificent empowered creator in their own right and are divine. By opening the body to truth enables you to gain, a sense of love, acceptance, power, courage and joy from Soul. This brings a deep healing to all levels which can be felt you in concrete physical ways. This process can have a strong healing affect upon your outside reality and can bring healing to relationships. This process is the basis for the integration of the Soul.

In truth we are multidimensional beings who have an aspect or self on each of the levels of this universe. In truth there are an infinite amount of dimensions but our human minds cannot comprehend infinity, so therefore I use a twelve dimensional model. On the twelfth dimension there is the Godhead, the Universal Dreamer, on this level we are all one, there is not separation. On the third dimension we experience ourselves as a human living on earth. In between there are many more dimensions, on each one we have an aspect or self. These different dimensional selves are coming to our awareness so we can integrate them into the cells of our body and activate dormant codes within our DNA. This process is the basis and supporting of this soul integration. This process can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs, issues from this lifetime both in the now moment and in the past can be addressed, as can issues from past lives both on and off planet. Truth is an actual energy frequency it is not a concept that you could argue in your mind, it is an actual energy which comes directly from the source of your Soul. Truth demands that you shift into this new perspective, truth vibrates the energetic body at an accelerated pace and thus brings quantum healing to the cells of the body, activating galactic codes within the DNA. These codes come directly from the Soul records and will give you more information about who you are on other dimensions adding to your life experience here on earth. Download for free a MP3 of this process to guide you in your healing. Simply fill in your name and email address and download it for free.

Find somewhere you will not be disturb for a couple of hours, turn off the telephone, turn off the TV. Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit, somewhere you can keep your back nice and straight, but you are comfortable and relaxed also. Close your eyes and take a few several deep breaths, and really allow your physical body to become as relaxed as it can be. Just spend a few moments taking that nice deep breath, and ask your body to relax. Scan your body from the top of your head, to the bottoms of your feet, and ask each muscle group to relax, if any of your muscles find it hard to relax, simply tighten that muscle as hard as you possibly can, hold for a few seconds, and then let go. What this would do is teach your body the difference between relaxation and tension. Once you have achieved a nice relaxed body, and then just continue to take those nice deep breaths and allow your mind to become calm. Begin to follow your breathing with your focus, especially focus on your out breath. Because what this will do is take your awareness deep inside yourself, and allow you to feel what is going on with you. Just spend a few moments taking those nice deep breaths, and following that out breath, and take yourself deeper and deeper into a meditative state, deep inside your own self. Then I want you to start to think about your issues. As you do you will notice an uncomfortable place will begin to rise somewhere in your physical body. Take your awareness into that uncomfortable place, and really feel how uncomfortable it is. Feel for the physical sensations, it might be a heavy band around the head, it might be heaviness on the chest, it could be butterflies in the stomach, whichever way your body is going to show this uncomfortable feeling to you, is appropriate for you.

Take your awareness much deeper into this uncomfortable place, and really feel the physical sensations, and also feel the emotional energy that is held there, and also be aware of the thought processes that go along with it. Really explore this uncomfortable feeling and really feel how uncomfortable it is and continue to focus on how you feel. Once you have successfully agitated the feelings, and you have begun to feel some feelings, then you can mentally put out the request for the energy of your own soul to come for you. It will build its energy in the air all around your body, so you can give it a few moments to do so. Once you intuitively feel there is enough of your soul’s energy there, you can begin to breathe it in. You can breathe it in and especially breathe it in, right down into that uncomfortable place. Because once you’ve got enough of your soul’s energy in that uncomfortable place, you can begin to share your experience with your soul. You can let your soul feel the physical sensations with you, you can let your soul feel the emotional charge that is contained in that place, and you can also let your soul hear the thought processes that go along with it. Really open up as wide as you possibly can, breathe in as much of your soul’s energy in as you possibly can, especially breathe it right the way down into that uncomfortable place, and allow your soul to share this experience with you. Your soul will then begin to actively heal out this negative energy, and it will begin to bring up emotions for you to release. It is very important at this time that you are authentic with your emotions, and you allow their full release. You may want to cry, you may want to scream, and you may even want to punch a pillow, do whatever is appropriate for you. It is very important that you allow the release. Keep taking those nice deep breaths, breathing in the energy of your soul, and breathe it right the way down into that uncomfortable place. This issue is like an onion it will have many layers to it, and your soul will take you through each layer, so do not be too quick to come out of the process if you feel that your emotions begin to subside somewhat, it is only a pause in the process. Instead take a few more deep breaths and breathe in more of your soul’s energy in, breathing it right the way down into that place, and allow the next level of healing to come up.

You will know when your healing is complete, because all of a sudden you will find yourself taking very deep breaths. As you take these deep breaths you will notice a high tingling energy entering your body. This is the energy of the truth frequency that is being given to your energy body directly from your soul. Open up your body as wide as you possibly can, and breathe as much of his energy in, as you possibly can, and especially breathe it into that place where the discomfort once was. Continue to allow the process to naturally unfold, but when you find that your breathing returns to normal, and your energies begin to settle, it is at this time that you can thank your soul for working with you. But do not be in a hurry to come out of the process at this time, because it is often at this it will give you a message. The message may be in words, you may get pictures, and you may simply get a feeling, just stay open. Once you have received the message really breathe in the energy of the message and let your body hear it. Once you feel the process is over, you can bring yourself slowly back into the room, make sure you are fully grounded, and bring yourself out of the session. It is advisable at this time to take some fresh air, and a large glass of water.

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